Fire Tower
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Fire Tower

fight fire with fire in this new board game by runaway parade

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Smoke rises on the horizon. A fire rages somewhere in the heart of the forest. From the height of a fire tower, you command the efforts to contain the inferno, coordinating air drops of water, fire engines, and the construction of fire breaks. Each turn the wind increases the strength of the burn, and the fire grows, bypassing your defenses as it nears your tower. Compete with rival fire departments who will stop at nothing to protect their towers. Can you survive the inferno?

The game is easy to learn, has minimal set-up time, and is intuitive to play, so that you can start playing within minutes of opening the box. That said, this is not a simple game to master: multiple variables allow for a wide range of strategies, and no two games look alike.


Why you will love this game

Prepare for a unique experience, a relentless battle for survival packed with shocking reversals and exhilarating victories. Most games about fire have some cooperative aspect, a team effort to beat back the flames. Fire Tower is a purely competitive game, where players have two objectives: defend themselves, and desperately try to spread the flames towards their opponents. Fire Tower is a fast-paced, hand management and grid movement game for 2 - 4 players, ages 12+ that takes 15+ minutes. Each player mans a fire tower and uses action cards and spatial planning to protect their fire tower. Every turn the fire spreads in the direction of the wind, and players must skillfully and efficiently manage their cards to avoid going down in flames. Players can harness the power of the wind to push the inferno towards their opponents, clear tracts of land to create a fortress around their towers, hinder the plans of their opponents with torrents of water, and unleash an arsenal of fire cards upon their foes. The choices are numerous; it’s up you to make the right one.

Fire Tower features a vibrant watercolor design by celebrated artist Kevin Ruelle. You can see Kevin’s fine art by visiting his website.

How to Play

Each player is assigned a fire tower in their corner of the board, and dealt five action cards and one Bucket card. The weathervane die decides which way the wind is blowing. Every turn, the fire spreads in the direction of the wind. Players can then use their cards to extinguish fire, build firebreaks, spread the fire, change the direction of the wind, and more.

Play the Smokejumper to descend into the fire and extinguish it from within; play the Dozer Line to expose nutrient rich soil that will bolster your defenses; or play the Burning Snag to send the inferno towards your opponent. When your tower starts feeling the heat, play your Bucket for temporary relief. Beware the Firestorm, which must be played the instant it’s drawn. This card causes the fire to spread rapidly, and allows all players to discard and redraw their cards.

The momentum of the game can change at any moment. Towers surrounded by fire can still change their fortunes and the clear front-runner can suddenly find themselves engulfed in flames. Only solid spatial creativity and strategic planning can save players’ towers from strong winds and the wrath of their opponents. Click here to view the rulebook.


During our Kickstarter campaign we unlocked several stretch goals, many of which added new components to every copy of Fire Tower. Please visit our campaign page to find out more about our stretch goals (which are also detailed below). Final art to come soon!


What's In The Box

  • 4 Bucket Cards

  • Firestorm Card

  • Mutual Aid Card

  • Champion of the Wood Card

  • Shadow of the Wood Card

  • 3 Tower Ablaze/Forest Cards

  • Rule Book

  • Quad-Fold Board
  • 135 Fire Gems in Printed Cloth Bag
  • 24 Purple Wooden Firebreak Tokens
  • Custom Marbleized Eight-Sided Wind Die
  • Weather Vane Card
  • 2 Custom Wooden Weather Vane Meeples
  • 52 Action Cards

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Fire Tower on display at   Guf Games     in Australia.  Photo courtesy of Mark Carter.

Fire Tower on display at Guf Games in Australia. Photo courtesy of Mark Carter.


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